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Message flow

The Document Checking Service (DCS) acts as an interface between your service and HM Passport Office.

  1. Your service sends a passport check request to the DCS.
  2. The DCS validates the request and sends it to HM Passport Office.
  3. HM Passport Office checks the passport data against their database and sends a response back to the DCS.
  4. The DCS sends the response to your service as outlined in check if a passport is valid.

Mutual authentication

Mutual authentication secures the messages your client exchanges with the DCS. This is implemented using client certificates over Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2.

You must generate a private key and certificate signing request to obtain your mutual authentication certificate.

Details about how to raise a certificate signing request with our Certificate Authority will follow after the expression of interest stage of the DCS pilot.

This page was last reviewed on 27 December 2019.